Baker meets Bread

Microbakery, Baker, Cyprus, Eva, Sourdough

In my natural habitat

In a breadcrumb, lawyer turns baker pretty much sums it up!

Just as any other sourdough recipe, my story is one of sticky dough, endless trials and a good amount of benching, proofing, scraping, shaping and baking!

Loaf by loaf

Humbly and happily, my baking adventure began in a cozy Cyprus kitchen.

My lovely -and brave- family tasted endless flat, ugly loaves which with patience and persistence became awesome and amazing (it’s not only lawyers who need to read you know 😉).

I had to learn bakers’ math, understand chemistry and learn a new language! Soon enough, baking became passion and passion became bread as Eva’s loaves gained a life of their own.

Microbakery, Baker, Cyprus, Eva, Sourdough
Microbakery, Baker, Cyprus, Eva, Sourdough


Across the neighbourhood and friends’ houses, hints of wheat and the aroma of homemade bread soon perforated the noses of bread enthusiasts and innocent bystanders alike!

Many smiles and too much flour later, EvaBakesBread is now a one-woman, weekly small scale microbakery breadventure, enriched with your love and acknowledgement fresh out the oven.

P.s. The family still expects a couple of loaves though.